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Monday, August 17, 2009

I guess I have several things to say after being at camp for three weeks with only 1 day to come and work at the media center.
The first change I have to deal with is the fact that Danielle will no longer be here at the media center. The first time I came to the media center from class, I met Danielle and she really made my stay here enjoyable so I signed up for the internship here and I got to know her. It seems as if just when I got to know her well and really enjoyed my summer here - she's leaving. It's really sad; I loved seeing her here and she made making mistakes okay and doing well even better. So I just wanted to thank her for helping me so much and tell her to have a great time at NY. I know she'll do GREAT there. :D
The next thing I have to deal with is the fact that it's my first day back in a while (not really) I had Danielle's goodbye party and the work day on August 4th where I filmed my how-to video. However, it feels like it and it also feels as if nothing is going right. I walked into the media center and tried to access Public Access Drive Number 4 and it wouldn't work. So I got Joel to try fixing it - and so he plugged it in and restarted the computer. That didn't work. So my whole how-to video is gone down the drain with the hard drive... I better go get someone to try to access this for me, because all of my work is on it.
I'll tell you how it goes after wards. I hope just better than this!

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