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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To whom it concerns

The time I spent at the Media Center this summer is coming to 200 hours, all of which flew by unnoticed. The friendships I've made, experience I have acquired, and knowledge that has been taught to me have made this internship the best I will have in my life. I began as a shy intern, coming when they told me to and staying only for mandatory hours. As I met Dave, Karen, Annie, Becky, Stan, Anna, Elliot, and hundreds of volunteers and producers, I felt that the Media Center was not just a workplace, it became a home away from home. I spent more time at the Media Center and became more comfortable and strengthened bonds with my co-interns (we even went to the movies for a bonding session). We went to Stanford to film the Senior Games, to Taco Bell to eat, and spent millions of unforgettable hours in the classroom, playing Michael Jackson, gossiping, and editing once in awhile.
One of the most memorable things I will take out of the internship, is Danielle. She was an outstanding role model, leader, and collaborator for me, not to mention an even better boss. I've known Danielle for years now, but did not truly understand what it was like to know her, in the everyday sense. Coming to the Media Center every morning and talking to her with Edo, Wes, and Ari were some of the most awesome moments I had all summer. I will never forget you, Danielle, thank you for helping mold me into who I am.
As for the interns, QUE PASO? I won't forget the car trips, lunches, inside jokes, and knowledge that you have helped me gain. You are a funny group.


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