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Saturday, August 1, 2009

What It Do With The Intern Crew

Hi everyone, it has been quite eventful this last week.  The most time consuming task has been working on my script for my How-To video about Deko.  It's a pretty straight forward program, but it still takes awhile to explain everything that one has to do in order to run graphics in an actual show.  I started filming this on thursday, but I plan on doing the majority of my How-To next week.   

On Wednesday I helped the MC crew prepare for a show.  I spent most of the time as a light model, which was a good thing since I didn't have too much energy because of this Master Cleanse thing I'm doing.  I'm on day 5 btw, feeling pretty fine.  On thursday I helped Danielle with her tour in the afternoon, and it was actually the first time I got to see how the green screen worked.  Twas fun! 

I have pretty much two and a half weeks left working at the MC... Time flies.  I feel like I have quite a bit to do too.  Edo gave me a good idea to do my PSA on alcohol abuse, so I think I'm going to do a sketch about alcohol abuse and then show resources where people in the P.A. area can go to get help and support if they are in trouble with alcohol or drugs.  So... A lot to do in a little time, but it's possible!  Especially with help from my fellow interns..(Right guys : ) - who do ROCK at life, as I'm sure you all know!  

~Joel W.

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