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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow; It's been a while

It's been a long time since I've been writing here because of camp, but I stopped by two days ago to film my how-to video with a friend. Now I know what they mean by saying working with a friend is hard. Because when they fool around, you feel mean if you tell them to stop; but if you don't, you feel guilty for not doing a lot of work. So in the end, I took the first option and received a lot of criticism from my friend from being "too serious" and "not fun enough." She thought that making the how-to video funny and entertaining would be cool, but I knew it had to be serious. Then, I tried editing the limited footage I received, but it seemed really hard to pick out the partss we could use. I think next time, I should just stick to bringing friends that are willing to focus with me. But I'm really glad she was willing to help anyways. :)
Camp has been fun, but I really miss the media center. The Stanford Senior Olympics look really fun. I wish I had time to go and watch it, but I'm at camp which is also really great. I'll miss it so much when it's over! Anyways, I loved the pictures that they put up. It looks really fun!
I'm hoping to come back soon after camp, see Danielle before she leaves, and do some more work!

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